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New Water Shortage Orders Effective 3.26.2011

The South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) issued a new water shortage order which went into effect on Saturday, March 26.  Current restrictions are based on our region receiving only 45% of our regular precipitation levels.

Professionals in the horticulture industry are affected by these restrictions and should be aware of the following:

  • Residential and business landscape irrigation is restricted to 2 specific days per week
    • Odd-numbered addresses may water lawns and landscapes Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 12:00am-10:00am and/or 4:00pm-11:59pm
    • Even-numbered addresses may water lawns and landscapes Thursdays and Sundays, from 12:00am-10:00am and/or 4:00pm-11:59pm
  • New landscape installations may be watered more frequently:
    • New installations may be watered without restriction on the day they are installed
    • Landscapes installed for 2-30 days may be watered on any day except for Friday, from 12:00am-10:00am and/or 4:00pm-11:59pm
    • Landscapes installed for 31-90 days may be watered on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 12:00am-10:00am and/or 4:00pm-11:59pm
  • Golf courses are required to reduce irrigation by 15%
  • Agricultural and nursery water users must reduce water by 15%, with times and hours restricted
  • Reclaimed water usage and low-volume irrigation are not restricted, although voluntary reductions are requested

More information, including specific times and hours irrigation is allowed, based on county, property type, and address (golf course, nursery, single-family residences having odd or even addresses) can be located at  A pdf fact sheet, suitable for distributing to customers, is available HERE.

The current water restrictions represent an opportunity for horticultural professionals to provide a higher level of service to their clients.  You might offer to adjust their irrigation to meet current water restrictions.  This is an opportunity to showcase your professionalism and set yourself apart from your competition.  Customers will appreciate your assistance in navigating these sometimes confusing regulations. In the meantime, let’s hope for rain!