Tree Selection for Limited Spaces

Professionals may be called to manage properties for clients who have limited room for installing trees. Though your palette may be limited there is still the opportunity to install a tree by taking the following into consideration:

  • Be sure to match the mature size and shape of the tree to the space where it will be installed.
  • Conduct research in choosing a tree that doesn’t require pruning to reduce the size or significantly change the shape of the tree. Trimming should be limited to maintaining the health and the natural formation of the tree. This approach is also applicable to shrubs and groundcovers intended for installation.
  • Allow proper spacing for the tree’s roots to develop naturally so they do not grow into the foundation of structures, utilities, and hardscapes.
  • When deciding on shrubs and groundcovers for installation conduct research as to the mature, full size of the plant for the space where it will be installed. In tight planting areas it’s best to utilize smaller, slow growing and upright plants that position themselves better in these areas.
  • Consider using an alternative to sod in a limited planting area. This can reduce the amount of water being used and allows for the possibility of less maintenance.

Some recommended trees for small planting areas:

Dahoon Holly, East Palatka Holly, Lignum-vitae, Geiger Tree, Silver Buttonwood, Wax Myrtle, Jamaican Caper, Simpson’s Stopper, Spanish Stopper, Hibiscus, Crape Myrtle, Desert Cassia, Glaucous Cassia, Jatropha, Wax Privet and Solitaire Palms.

For information about these and other trees and shrubs trees visit: Florida-Friendly Landscaping Guide to Plant Selection & Landscape Design


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