Following a Flood: Protective Fungicides for Nursery Production

Bill Schall, Commercial Horticulture Extension Agent
Palm Beach County Extension
Email: / Office: 561.233.1725

Protective fungicides for nursery crops following a flood are mostly that, protective. Without accurately identifying what pathogens you are dealing with, the best bet is to go with a broadspectrum tank mix that will specifically go after the water molds like Phytophthora and Pythium spp.  The best strategy for container plants is to first apply a soil drench followed one week later with a foliar treatment. In-ground field nurseries can also utilize soil drenches, but may find foliar treatments more cost effective and practical.

Your agri-chemical supplier will also no doubt have additional recommendations for you, so you may want to contact them. Pesticide recommendations here are not at the exclusion of other comparable products of similar composition, nor do they signify endorsement by the University of Florida, or Palm Beach County.

Container Soil Drench: Subdue Maxx and/or Adorn

Follow Up Foliar Treatment: Mancozeb or Copper Fungicide Products

Download a pdf of this fact sheet.  For more information, refer to the UF Professional Disease Management Guide.


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