Washing Leaves to Manage Spiraling Whitefly

Washing of plant leaves is one of our recommendations for managing the rugose spiraling whitefly.  This seems almost too easy, but I urge green industry professionals to not discount this technique.  Washing of plant leaves can be effective and appropriate:

  • On small-scale whitefly infestations
  • For early stages of infestation
  • When infected plants are accesible
  • When pesticide usage is not practical or desireable
  • In conjunction with pesticides

Washing of plant leaves may not be a one-time solution to pest problems, but it can be a highly effective method for removing a significant amount of whiteflies.  The images below are an example of whitefly removal from a white bird of paradise with water alone.  If deemed appropriate, this method could be followed-up with horticultural soap or oil; or a systemic insecticide from the neonicotinoid family.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Remember to scout landscapes frequently so that pest problems can be identified and monitored.  Please refer to Dr. Catharine Mannion’s Rugose Spiraling Whitefly EDIS publication for further management recommendations.


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