Oak Leaf Blister

Oak Leaf Blister. Closeup view of leaf tip. Photo: UF Laura Sanagorski

INTRODUCTION ~ Oak Leaf Blister is not a disorder of great concern and is primarily aesthetic.  Oak Leaf Blister is caused by a fungus (Taphrina caerulescens).  Generally this aesthetic disorder is noticeable in the springtime – especially when we have cool, wet weather – the perfect condition for this fungus’ development.

HOSTS ~  Oak Leaf Blister affects Oak trees (Quercus spp.).

Oak Leaf Blister. Photo: UF Laura Sanagorski

SYMPTOMS / IDENTIFICATION ~ The first sign is small chlorotic (light-colored) spots on new growth of various oak species.  The spots will continue to develop into blisters.  The blisters may eventually fall out of the leaves, leaving holes behind.

Oak Leaf Blister. View from underside of leaf. Photo: UF Laura Sanagorski

LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT ~ Treatment is not particularly warranted.  If you feel the need to treat for this blister, fungicides can be helpful, but should be used prior to spring bud break.

Download a printer-friendly fact sheet here: Oak Leaf Blister

Remember, the label is the law; be sure to use products only in a manner consistent with the manufacturer directions on the labels.  Please use pesticides safely.


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