A Sign of Beneficials – Green Lacewing Eggs

Green Lacewing Eggs. UF Laura Sanagorski

Green Lacewings (Chrysopidae spp.) are some of our favorite beneficial insects in the landscape.  Have you ever seen a line of these little orbs on stalks on a customer’s property?

These are sometimes mistaken for a type of spore, but they are actually the eggs of Lacewings.  The eggs are laid on stalks because juveniles have such voracious appetites that they would eat their siblings if they weren’t separated.   Lacewings are  desirable predatory insects, as both young and adults feed on some of our worst landscape pests, including aphids and mealybugs.   They are known for eating substantial amounts of pests (for their small size) and for living a relatively long time for an insect (several months).   There are a number of different beneficial brown and green Lacewings; only the Green Lacewings lay stalked eggs.

Green Lacewing Adult Photo Credit: Frank Peairs, Colorado State University Bugwood.org

Lacewing Eggs as Shipped, in Corn Cob: Tiny green flecks are eggs *Click for Detail* UF Laura Sanagorski

You can purchase the eggs commercially from a number of sources.  Lacewing eggs are often shipped in shredded corn cob so the juveniles will have something to eat when they begin to hatch.  Otherwise, they may eat each other before they have been released in the landscape.  Lacewings are yet another reason to apply pesticides responsibly.  If you see signs of the Lacewing or its eggs on properties you manage, take care not to disturb them, and keep preserving their habitat.


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