Algal Leaf Spot

Algal Leaf Spot <UF Laura Sanagorski>

An excessively rainy fall has  created the perfect opportunity for a number of our leaf spots and fungal diseases to make an appearance. This is Algal Leaf Spot, and this week I’ve seen it on Sausage Tree, Firebush, Cocoplum, and some other ornamentals.   It seems to be more prevalent than some previous years.

Algal Leaf Spot is predominantly an aesthetic issue, and it doesn’t often warrant treatment, although it can be managed with fungicides if necessary.  The spots are caused by an algae and start out a rusty color which gradually fades to grey.  We see Algal Leaf Spot in late summer and most of the fall, so it should be subsiding before too long.

Algal Leaf Spot: New rust-colored spots (above) fade to grey (below) <UF Laura Sanagorski>


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