Do you maintain a Florida-Friendly Community of Excellence?

Do you maintain a Community of Excellence?  I work with a number of green industry professionals who do.  Why not get some recognition for Florida-Friendly Landscaping practices?

Florida-Friendly Landscaping practices, such as choosing the "Right Plant for the Right Place", might make your landscape projects in multifamily communities eligible for recognition! UF Laura Sanagorski

The 2012 The Florida Communities of Excellence Award represents the pinnacle of achievement for community associations in our state.  This award is the only comprehensive, independent recognition program for the tens of thousands of community associations throughout Florida.  For you, as green industry professionals, this award would be a point of pride for your business!

There are ten categories, with one being Florida-Friendly Landscaping.  If you work for or in a multifamily community and want to show off what you’ve done, I encourage you to apply.  The deadline for nominations is January 15, 2012.  Nominations are taken online here.  Please don’t hesitate to contact Laura Sanagorski, your Environmental Horticulture extension agent, for information on Florida Friendly Landscaping.


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