Wind Damage in the Landscape

I’ve gotten a lot of calls over the past few weeks about plants that are dying or burning up “suddenly” in the landscape.  The good news is that it is very likely wind damage.  If you remember, we had some incredibly windy days just over a month ago.   The persistent wind paired with salt spray off of the ocean caused salt and wind burning all over landscapes in Palm Beach County.  A lot of our landscape plants are just showing their stress now.  Most will recover quickly.  The telltale sign of the wind and salt damage we’re currently seeing is that the majority of the damage is on the portions of the plant exposed to the east.

Windburn on Jasmine. UF Laura Sanagorski

 The Jasmine, above, located on a property near the beach, is showing wind-burning on its eastern side.

UF Laura Sanagorski

The Beach Sunflower, above, is showing stress from the heavy winds a few weeks ago.  Beach Sunflower is a beach plant, and it is still susceptible to wind damage.

UF Laura Sanagorski

The Crown of Thorns, above, was partially defoliated by the winds.  

If you see signs like the ones above, don’t worry, its not a new disease- just a delayed response over some severe weather.  Keep plants healthy by ensuring that they aren’t over- or under- watered or fertilized, and minimize other stresses as much as possible, and they’ll be back to normal soon.


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  1. Posted by annette on January 21, 2013 at 7:57 AM

    my jasmins are the climing type, I live near Lisbon in Portugal, we had a very bad storm 2 days ago, and my jasmines have turned black in colour,
    I hope they are not dead


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