Are Your Customers’ Yards Ready for Florida-Friendly Yard Recognition? County’s Largest Group of Yard Advisors Ready to Visit!

Are your customers’ yards Florida-Friendly?  Give them the chance to let the neighborhood know!

The Palm Beach Cooperative Extension, in partnership with the University of Florida IFAS, administers the Florida-Friendly Landscaping ™ program that encourages the use of environmentally sound practices to create beautiful yards and gardens while protecting precious resources and saving costs.   The program relies on master gardeners who volunteer as yard advisors and visit properties to determine eligibility for Florida-Friendly certification.  This year, the group of advisors is the largest ever.

Yellow Necklacepod. UF Laura Sanagorski

In previous years, there have only been approximately 10 trained yard advisors, but currently, more than 30 volunteers are ready to certify yards throughout the county.

The program is based on nine principles that include using the right plant in the right place, watering efficiently, fertilizing appropriately, using mulch, attracting wildlife, managing yard pests responsibly, recycling yard waste, reducing stormwater runoff and protecting waterfront areas.  The Cooperative Extension Service offers a recognition program for property owners who follow these principles.  If the criteria are met, a sign is placed in the front yard of the home that is certified.  In addition, the property in entered into a statewide database, and recognition also earns points towards the Florida Green Building Coalition Green Home Certification.

For detailed information on the nine principles, visit the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods website.  The checklist of minimum requirements is here: FYN checklist .  This checklist also serves as an application form that can be emailed to lsanagorski@pbcgov.orgor faxed to (561) 233-1782.For more information, call the Cooperative Extension Service (561) 233-1759.

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